A Leap in Time

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Authorship: Gabriel Lester – Polylester

Collaboration: Isabella Previti

Status: Built

Location: Shenzhen

A Leap in Time proposes two individual stained glass window sculptures that project a carpet of color and image onto the pavement. Traditionally found inside sanctuaries, churches and temples,the stained glass windows transports the light of the sun, in itself transcendent and marvelous, into a projection of patterns and color, as such highlighting the divine and sublime. The two windows of a Leap in Time both contain the representation of an hourglass. An hourglass is a glass shaped in the form of a three-dimensional infinity symbol. Inside sand dops trough a small hole in the middle. The time that it takes to drop from above to below, is the time the hourglass measures. An hourglass thus is typically an object or symbolthat contains a precise span or a certain duration of time. When turned upside-down, that same time is repeated. This reversable definition of a moment, is a timer, a set frame of time.

The two windows of a Leap in Time propose both perspectives: the upward moving time and a downward moving time. Additionally, its visual design also proposes a time portal. As part of the representation of the hourglass, is another dimension, or a door to another space and time. Here the hourglass becomes a definition of linear time and that of a parallel universe. The projection of the glass window onto the pavement depicts a colorful carpet representing reoccurring time and a travel through time and through various dimensions.

Photos: Tan Lijie

Contact: info@b-a-d.net